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Schools - Frederick Elementary

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F048.pdf

Schools - Graceland Park, O'Donnell Heights

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F049.pdf

Schools - Leithwalk

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F050.pdf

Schools - Mt. Winans Colored Elementary

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F051.pdf

Schools - Northwood Elementary

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F052.pdf

Schools - Pimlico High, Park Heights

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F053.pdf

Schools - Southwest Baltimore Colored Elementary

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F054.pdf

Schools - West Baltimore Colored Elementary

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F055.pdf

Schools - Woodburne Avenue Junior High

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0121_TJD_S04D_B01_F056.pdf

Schools, Colleges, and Universities - St. Stanislaus Kostka School

 Digital Record
Identifier: R0004_AMP_S12_B17_F001.pdf

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