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Divided Baltimore Course Recording , 2015


Scope and Contents

“Divided Baltimore: How Did We Get Here, Where Do We Go?”: A course taught by veteran University of Baltimore faculty members and guest lecturers in both face-to-face and online formats for undergraduate and graduate students during the fall semester of 2015. The course focused on a broad-based, multi-disciplinary approach to address Baltimore’s long-standing issues regarding segregation and inequalities.

The topic of section 1: How did Baltimore get to be so segregated? Structural Disparities and Structural Racism. The speakers: Kurt Schmoke, Joseph Wood, Tylis Cooper, Elizabeth Nix, Lenneal Henderson, Paul Walsh

The topic of section 2: The Lines Between Us: What does segregation look like? The speakers: Seema Iyer, Lawrence Lanahan, Siobhan Hagan

The topic of section 3: How is wealth accumulated? The Economic Costs of Structural Racism The speakers: Dominique Moore, Steven Isberg, Cassandra Jones Havard, Aaron Bryant

The topic of section 4: How do transportation infrastructure and changing employment opportunities both reflect and reinforce segregation? The speakers: Tylis Cooper, Eric Norton, Diane Bell-McKoy

The topic of section 5: How does segregation affect educational opportunity? The speakers: Rudy Ruiz, Michael A Sarbanes, Kristina Berdan, Iman Cuffie, Jessica Shiller

The topic of section 6: How does the Justice System reflect and reinforce segregation? The speakers: Jose Anderson, Michele Cotton, Renita Seabrook

The topic of section 7: How does segregation affect health care and wellness? The speakers: Samuel Brown, Darien Ripple, Michael Marcus

The topic of section 8: How does the media report manifestations of segregation? The speakers: A. Adar Ayira, Adam Marton

The topic of section 9: Democracy, Public Policy, and Government: What is the Role of Government in solving the problem of segregation? The speakers: Leana Wen, Martha McKenna, Antonio Hayes, Vicki Schultz, Sara K. Pratt

The topic of section 10: What is the role of social entrepreneurship, culture and the arts, recreation? The speakers: Derick Ebert, J.C. Weiss, Kenneth Morrison, Sheila Gaskins

The topic of section 11: What is the role of churches and community leaders The speakers: Rev. Kevin A. Slayton, Sr., A. Adar Ayira, Dayvon Love

The topic of section 12: How do community development and neighborhood revitalization work? The speakers: J.C. Faulk, Wes Moore

The topic of section 13: Exploring solutions together: Regional approaches The speakers: Maurice Taylor, Scot T. Spencer

The topic of section 14: Finding unity in diversity Through an equity lens The speakers: Lenneal Henderson, Michael Cryor


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